Instead of being positive and prosperous, the year 2020 has been a roller-coaster ride for everyone be it the students, working people, or the retired old-aged ones. This year has affected our economy and financial stability for sure, but it has left a huge impact on our mental health as well. Corona and all the other things that happened in 2020 have filled too much negativity in our lives. I believe people don’t give much importance to their mental health with respect to financial matters, but they should. There’s a saying by Rainer Maria Rilke, “the only journey is the journey within.”

Stay Positive

As we have entered a new year hoping for some new beginnings, I have summarized some very beneficial things to try in 2021 to stay positive and maintain our mental happiness and peace.

  • One of the easiest positive things to do is reading books. The best benefits of reading books are it reduces stress, increases the quality of sleep, and lessens depression.
  • Another positive thing is reducing screen time. Our phone and laptop screens contribute a great amount to decreasing the power of our eyes. Reducing its usage will definitely give relief to our eyes, but it will also result in the improvement of our relationships.
  • We should do a little basic workout every day. I personally believe that “we need to stay fit, to keep killing it.” Further, a well-known fact about exercise is it helps us in maintaining a good physique and glowing skin.Workout helps in staying positive
  • In today’s fast pacing lives, we are forgetting to remember about our family. We ask our family members to adjust whenever we are in a hurry due to work issues, but we never adjust our work things to give more time to the family. We should try to spend more time with our family, share our issues with them. It will automatically lead to lesser life problems. After all, family is all we have in our good times as well as the bad times.
  • We always believe that we have a shortage of time. To tackle this time shortage, we should wake an hour early to live an hour more. It might be possible that the positive vibes are waiting at our doorstep, while we are sleeping.
  • Bill Nye said, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” So, keep meeting new people, making new friends, and listening to something new every day.
  • We should live every day fully and happily and keep doing what we love. Even if the odds do not fall in our favor and we do anything else for a living, we should try doing what we love for at least an hour every day.
  • Eat healthy. Taking a healthy diet will keep us in a good mood in most of the situations.
  • We should stop seeking people’s validation on social media.
  • Journaling is one of the recommended methods for positive thinking and a healthy mind. Writing our feelings down results in an increase of positivity in the best things and a decrease in negative of the worst things.
  • Learn something positive from every negative situation.
  • Listen to the music we love. Even doctors believe that music can heal every pain.
  • Plan your next day 5 minutes before sleeping at night and the next day figure out how many things you actually did from that list. This will provide you a sense of achievement which will keep you motivated.
  • Stay well dressed in the clothes in which you are comfortable. Maintaining a neat and hygienic lifestyle automatically implements positivity.
  • Express your feelings as much as possible. Never hesitate in confessing how you feel. Spread love to receive love.
  • Forgive people. Don’t hold grudges against someone. A grudge not only spoils a relationship, but it also spoils one’s happiness somewhere.
  • Travel more. Unknown happiness is mostly found in unknown places.Positive Travelling
  • Be grateful. Rather than mourning for the things we don’t have; we should be happy for the things we have.
  • Be around plants.
  • Make good memories and try reliving them.
  • Start living in present and stop being extra-tense about the future.

These are some of the best practices we should try in 2021 for sure. Trying positive things will obviously result in positive results as we say ‘things done with good intention can never do bad to someone.’


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