In various movies and shows, many characters are shown to be the ones who read an ample amount of books. Those characters really seem to be highly intellectual. But is this a mandatory thing? Does every reader need to be intellectual? I don’t believe so. I myself started my reading journey with Marvel Comics and Archie Comics. For those who have watched Marvel movies and Riverdale, I bet that you will like the comics way more than the shows. Further, some of you might have seen the movie 7 Khoon Maaf. It is based on the short story Susanna’s Seven Husbands by Ruskin Bond. I find the written story better than the movie. There might be a reason why creators are adapting book stories for making movies or shows, right? Yes. There are several reasons why people find books so interesting that they end up becoming movies as well. Today, I am going to tell you some of those reasons with my experience.

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  • Books enhance your imagination:

    When we see something, we exactly know what’s happening and we easily assume what’s going to happen next. But, while reading books we don’t have that option. We need to imagine every damn thing and that’s where it helps us. When we imagine the scenarios happening in a book like the protagonist being murdered, a theft scene happening, or a car accident going to happen in the very next moment, how much we feel that particular scene depends upon how fast we imagine it. And trust me, with every next book your imagination skills increase.
  • Books improve your quality of sleep:

    In today’s world of continuous hustle and  tension, most people experience problems in sleeping. If you’re also one of them, the books are there to save you, my friend. Try reading just 10-15 pages of a good book before going to sleep for 21 days and you will yourself experience the change I am talking about here.
  • Books upgrade your vocabulary:

    Decent vocabulary is a skill that every person should possess, right? Still many of us struggle with words and I include myself in it as well. What I do to upgrade my vocabulary is read books. Every time I read a book, I find a new word and I try to apply it in my daily life. You can also do the same and I am telling from my experience, this helps you better your vocabulary as well as makes reading more exciting.
  • Books reduce stress:

    I admit I sometimes experience stress, anxiety, uneasiness, etc. You might’ve also experienced the same at some point in your life. One of the best and cheapest ways to cope with it is reading. It is medically proven that reading reduces stress, anxiety, depression, etc., and helps us live a calm life.

  • Books increase your empathizing ability:

    Empathy is a characteristic of a good human being. When we empathize with someone, s/he feels that we genuinely care and support him/her, and that’s a good thing, right? Books help us developing this characteristic. Every time something bad happens with a character of a book, we feel the situation and try to find ways to cope with it. So, empathy is one more good reason to get yourself a reading habit.
  • Books teach you great lessons:

    Leo Buscaglia quotes, “Change is the end result of true learning“. Everything we do is eventually to lead a good and successful life. Learning new things every day is a really necessary characteristic for that. Through reading different books, we keep learning new lessons and applying them in our life every single day which eventually changes our life upside down in a positive way.

Discussed above are some of the best reasons to start reading books. Trust me, once you become a regular reader you’ll find that none of these reasons are false and the time you spent reading this article was only for good.

If you are thinking to get yourself a good book after reading this article and are confused about which book to start from, we’ve already curated some of the best books for you to start with.


  1. Awesome article!!!
    I like to read but I didn’t know these many benefits are there as well. It’s like cherry on the cake.


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