GATE exam is The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering . But the question is why gate is important for CSE. This is the exam that every engineering student thinks about. But not every student goes for it. This happens because of the following reasons :-

  1. Fear of competition.
  2. Lack of basic knowledge.
  3. They don’t think GATE exam is useful.
  4. Some students are busy with their jobs.
  5. Some think GATE is for PSUs only.
  6. There are many more reasons like these.

If you are also an Engineering student of CSE Branch and you have also not given GATE Exam, then this article is for you.

Firstly, GATE is an Aptitude exam. Do keep that in your mind always because many of us have this doubt about the GATE exam.

It is ideal for CSE students to steady their higher marks in Gate exam.

Please note in case you score higher marks in GATE then, it will be a lot easier for you to get a better university for M.Tech along with the specialization you wish to pursue.

If you want to appear for PSU then by clearing Gate Exam you could get higher jobs via PSU in authorities and semi-executive Department.

If you aren’t from a tier 1 university then it’s really great for you to get a higher university via Gate for Masters. You will definitely score high marks in 2 to12 months and you’ll get higher possibility for jobs in or out of the doors of your Campus.

If you’ve cleared your Gate exam even while studying then you’ve definitely proved that your intelligence relies upon your rating and you could get higher outcomes for the placement purpose.

If you are interested in the field of computer science and wish to do research in this area, you will need to do a PhD in the future.

In case you do not have enough funds to complete a master’s degree in US or any other foreign university, you will need to pursue a master’s degree in computer science, India.

 You can study for a PhD in abroad at any time in the future, which is much cheaper than studying for a master’s degree in abroad. If you want to take a handsome job in the industry, but you failed to do so after completing your bachelor’s degree. 

A master’s degree will definitely improve your career prospects in this field.

 I am trying to work for a public sector company (PSU) in India. In this case, it needs to be received from GATE.

  • It totally depends on your university and your university campus location cell. 
  • If you are assigned to a product-based company from university location, no entrance exam is required. 
  • If you are coming from a tier 3 university you will need to go through the entrance test.
  •  Unless you are good at competitive programming skills, it is very difficult to get a job. The entrance exam gives you the opportunity to study at the most prestigious and most cultural university. 
  • So, the entrance exam is like a boon for all tier 3 students. According to me, one should go for the self-exploration entrance exam.
  1. Gate is very important for the people who work in public sector and wish to receive higher education. The encoder does not need a door trainer.
  2.  MNCs don’t look for a door track, you just need to improve it. 
  3.  In programming or something related to your department.
  4.  Computer students will take short courses such as : B. or any language useful for your career


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